ZIGZAG post produced and delivered ‘Extreme Engagement’, Netflix’s first Australian original unscripted series – an 8-part reality, travel documentary series created by production company, Wildman Films.

The show follows engaged Australian couple, award winning filmmaker Tim Noonan and journalist PJ Madam, as they travel the world for a year to explore different marriage customs in diverse cultures. After this self-designed pre-marriage course, the couple then decide whether or not to tie the knot. The series is filmed in Australia, China, Nigeria, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Indonesia and Brazil.
Sydney-based production company, Wildman Films produced the series for Netflix.
Executive Producers, Tim Noonan and Peta-Jane Madam starred, produced, and filmed the entire series over 18 months.

Wildman engaged ZIGZAG to post-produce ‘Extreme Engagement’ using the services of music composition, all sound post, colour grade, online editing, digital mastering and a 78 terra-byte delivery direct to Netflix. It was an absolute pleasure working with Tim and PJ through each step of the process.

Congratulations to Head of Production Joanna Kerr and Production Manager Sam Sealey for such an amazing job throughout. Editor Chris Beason and ZigZag composer David Chapman worked together to create a diverse and intricate score as Tim and PJ went through the ups and downs of their relationship. Senior Sound Mixers David McCarthy and ZigZag’s Managing Director Derek Allan, completed the sound design and 5.1 surround mix. Angela Cerasi of Peachy Keen Colour, created the look for the beautiful colour grade. Online editor & ZigZag’s Director Rob Sarroff pulled all the post elements together and managed the delivery to Netflix. 

We are all proud to have worked on this exciting project with the amazing team of people at Wildman Films and Netflix in L.A.

ZIGZAG Post services - Sound mix, Music Composition, Data-management, Colour Grade, Online Edit, Digital mastering & 4K Netflix delivery.