An independent Australian crime-thriller.

The film follows a tech entrepreneur who reluctantly returns to his remote hometown for his father’s funeral and must deal with old family tensions as he’s reunited with his wise-cracking ex-con brother. However, when  a gang of desperate small-town thugs from their father’s shady past show up, the brothers become entangled in a deadly
extortion racket that exposes the dark underbelly of the sleepy town. Ben Geurens (Reign), Nathaniel Dean (Alien: Covenant; Candy), Jessica McNamee (The Meg, CHIPS, Battle of the Sexes), Justin Rosniak (Animal Kingdom, Broke), Steve Le Marquand (A Few Best Men, Two Hands, Broke), and Damian Hill (Pawno, West Of Sunshine) star.

Written & Produced by Angus Watts
Directed by Heath Davis

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